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Steve Nunn - Director / Owner of Corn Mill Recording Studio 

Studio & Sound Engineer 

Over the last 1000 years, or so, I've been involved with some of the following projects;

  • toured most of Europe with trio Jumbo Express playing American and British military bases and played LIVE on 6 radio stations. 

  • ran the well-respected weekly Winchester Folk Club 1978-1988 as MC and a resident performer.

  • booked many well known guests from the folk / blues / acoustic circuit over these 10 years; over 500 wonderful evenings of music and song.

  • Music Director for the Salisbury 'Folk Under Aries' festival events from 1980 - 1986.

  • Song Director for the Winchester Folk Festival 1980-1992; again many talented performers were booked, appearing in the Guildhall each May. 

After leaving the Folk Club I was asked by the Director of the Tower Arts Centre Winchester to join the staff there.  Between 1990 & 1996, as the Hampshire County Council Arts Centre Technician, I sourced, brought, installed and operated the new Peavey Sound System into the Arts Centre Theatre. I also helped to establish, book and maintain an arts and music program for the centre where none had existed before providing sound and lighting for music, song, poetry, theatre, drama, bands, groups, soloist, duos, and speech from all over the world. Within months we had established the Tower as the premier live music venue in Winchester.

I remember so many quite brilliant evenings of music with African bands, South American artistes, Indian drum and dance, European music and dance from every nation; so many types and traditions of music and dance, acoustic and electric etc. from as far away as the Far East, Australia and many from the USA as well as the best guest list from the UK touring performers. 
I ran the free music sessions at the Art Centre of which a least two of the bands that formed from it are still performing in the Winchester area 10 years after. 


In 1993 I organised and ran a totally resurrected 'Romsey Folk Festival' (now the Beggars Fair) most successfully  where no-one else had dared to try! The Beggars Fair will celebrate its 20th anniversary in July 2013.
So, as you can see, I have had 25+ years experience of operating PA and running live Music events and Festivals, including;

Since moving to Cornwall in 2000 I've established a small, but perfectly formed, modern digital studio for my own recording use and also for other local singers and songwriters, musicians, poets, storytellers, duos, trios, bands to share. In fact (almost) anything that needs recording and enhancing I'll attempt it! 
With all the performers I meet, I encourage & celebrate their success...

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